Better Products

You want companies that only use the purest ingredients, with the best flavorings, and all GMP certified. We've found them! For example, our Intek Protein Isolate has the highest concentration of fast absorbing whey isolate protein with zero carbo's, zero sugars, 5mg sodium and 1gm of fat. Why pay for a more expensive online brand that is loaded with sodium (water retention), 5 gms of sugar and doesn't taste as good?

Better Service - Sample any product

There is nothing worse than having to deal with a hard sell or a sales person who knows less about the products than you do. Our health managers are certified in sports nutrition and will learn what your goals are and make a recommendation. Concerned about how a product is going to taste or whether it will work? We're not. We are happy to let you sample any product in the store before you buy.

Product Highlight - Lean Active 7 Protein Concentrate

LA-7 Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) contains 95% protein with rapid, medium and slow absorbing forms. This means protein is delivered immediately to the muscles and this delivery is sustained over 5-7 hours. LA-7 also contains immune enhancing proteins: lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, and albumin. WPC improves metabolism, increases fat utilization, and speeds recovery and injury repair in several peer-reviewed medical articles.

Shipping for our Clients

We can now ship you your favorite TotalNutrition products. Great for students who are away at school or for those who just can't make it into the store. Give us a call (954) 905-9505, and we will assist you with your order or EMAIL US TODAY.


Free Delivery to FAU and LYNN Campus

For any order over $100, we will provide free delivery to FAU and LYNN campuses. Just give us a call (954) 905-9505, or email us and we will put together the supplements you desire to maximize your gains. EMAIL US TODAY.